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ELOSIN logo with green hazy design that looks like a planet.


American dark-pop artist ELOSIN (pronounced ee-low-sin) is a life-long New Jersey resident who has been making original music since 2015. With a sound comparative to the acts of Lana Del Ray, Fletcher, Aurora, Banks, and Halsey, ELOSIN captivates her audience with melodic, seductive, and haunting instrumentals, complimented by sultry vocals and lyrics of loss and heartbreak.

ELOSIN began singing in early childhood with heavy vocal influence from Madonna, Cher, Britney Spears, and Avril Lavigne. Naturally shy, she continued to sing in private until early adulthood when enough encouragement from friends opened her up to a collaboration opportunity that would wind up leading to the creation of her first original EP. In addition to singing, ELOSIN has extensive experience as a model and professional photographer, allowing her to take full creative control and curate her own artistic visuals, marketing, and media promotions.

Her initial inspirations when writing original music came from bands such as Massive Attack, Sia, Zero 7, Bjork, and The XX. Since 2015, ELOSIN has tailored her craft, eventually becoming self-taught on how to produce, mix, and master her music. Evolving her sound via increased production capabilities has been ELOSIN's joy, as she takes pride in her artistic knowledge and enjoys being capable in all roles of music creation. 

With new music planned in 2024 after a 3-year hiatus, ELOSIN is sure to lure in new fans with her unique and siren-esque sound.

Singer, Songwriter & Producer

ELOSIN released her debut EP in collaboration with writer & producer Avid Wolf and Avid Wolf Records in July 2016. The 6-song EP featured 5 original songs  and an eerie cover of Nirvana's 'Something in the Way'. The collaborative duo were at it again with the original song, 'Afterglow' released in August 2016. This moody single added epic orchestral elements to ELOSIN's already dark & edgy style, while adding extra drama and dynamics for a cinematic feel.

In May of 2017, ELOSIN independently released her first entirely self-produced single, 'Change in the House of Flies', a dreamy and dark cover of the popular Deftones hit. The single preserves the moody style of the original while staying true to ELOSIN's sound.

Since the beginning of 2018, ELOSIN has continued to self-write and self-produce original music and releases it independently. Her unique artistic vision and sound has evolved ever since, and she continues to dive into the alt-pop world. She now has in her roster, 2 completely self-written/produced EP's as well as 6 singles. Her music is currently available for streaming and purchase on all music platforms, and her music videos are available on YouTube.

  • To learn more about ELOSIN's releases, click the 'Discography' tab.

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