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A timeline of media highlights, performances, special projects, and collaborations ELOSIN has participated in.

'Sinner's Moon' Horror Podcast

November 2021

In 2021, ELOSIN wrote and produced an original song as the theme for Frank Horror's 'Sinner's Moon', a 7-part horror podcast series. Frank Horror is a Philadelphia Based horror writer/producer who creates movie-like podcasts and feature films. ELOSIN and Frank Horror have collaborated previously when he used a dark-orchestral remix of her song 'Afterglow' in another one of his horror podcast series in 2017.

Fears & Dreams Interview with Frank Horror

April 2019

In 2019, ELOSIN sat with Philly-based Horror producer Frank Horror for an interview to discuss all things music and macabre from personal fears, to nightmares, musical inspirations, hobbies and more.

'Dreams (Stripped)' - Live Fleetwood Mac Cover

November 2017

In the Fall of 2017, ELOSIN performed a live cover of Fleetwood Mac's, 'Dreams'. Having listened to the band since she was 4 years old, ELOSIN has always been inspired to cover Fleetwood Mac, and felt it right to perform her favorite of their hits. The performance was located at Grassroots Music store, and was filmed by owner & musician, Chris Leibrandt.

'Love' - Live Daughter Cover

Summer 2017

In the Summer of 2017, ELOSIN performed a live cover of 'Love' by the band Daughter. The performance was recorded at Grassroots Music Store in Ocean City, NJ. The performance included musicians Chris Leibrandt (lead guitar & owner of Grassroots Music Store), Ken Wilson (specialty guitar), and Matt Parcel (drums).

Ocean City Spring Block Party

May 2017

In May of 2017, ELOSIN performed two cover songs at the Ocean City, NJ Spring block party. Sher performed her own rendition of 'Alaska' by Maggie Rogers and 'Drive' by Halsey. The performance was located at Grassroots Music store, who holds live performances each year at the Spring and Fall block parties.

Musician Portrait Project

July 2016

In the Summer of 2016, ELOSIN collaborated with New Jersey musician photographer, Derek Brad. Derek's concept for the Musician Portrait Project is to complete live 'portraits' that give each artist the free range to do whatever they would like in front of the camera. ELOSIN participated in 7 Musician Portrait Projects, all of which are available on YouTube. Derek has been filming this project for the last 10 years with artists such as Flyleaf, Becky G, Sabrina Carpenter, Verite, Zara Larsson, and more.

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